Landscape Design

Reilly Designs specializes in unique gardens for distinctive properties. Our landscape designs don’t adhere to any one style, but draw from a broad range of influences, including Asian, free-form, and contemporary, French, Mediterranean, English, American-style and native as well as from our clients’ preferences. Our deep knowledge of plants and extensive design experience, combined with your input can truly make a garden plan come to life.

Design is Collaboration

Each garden design has its own special character with elements that make it magical. In fact, technology and engineering often play an important role in how a design unfolds. For instance, in the planning phase, a landscape architect, soil engineer or structural engineer may adjust elements based on topography, drainage issues or other factors. To make a garden come alive, science, technology and artistic vision must coalesce. A collaborative approach fashions a landscape design that ends up becoming a one-of-a-kind creation.

Landscape Architecture

Many projects require a master plan created by our landscape architect. This service is often central to the design/build project. Our architect, for instance, creates the master plan and submits it to the local municipal planning and building agencies to expedite the building process. Our landscape architect will work colaboratively with the contracting crew to  oversee certain aspects of a job to ensure that best quality practices are followed. The collaborative process during  construction is instrumental in  retaining the focus on the big picture,  ensuring that from an architectural standpoint the project has been executed properly.

We design, build & maintain



Whether you desire a garden installation for a multi-acre estate or only wish to install planting and lighting phases, Reilly Designs has the expertise to breathe life into every garden project whatever the need. Services include:

  • Custom Water Features- Waterfalls, fountains, ponds and boulders
  • Irrigation- Pop-up sprinklers and drip systems
  • Planting- Specific plants, shrubs and trees
  • Retaining walls, sitting benches, outdoor kitchens and fire pits
  • Walkways, pathways and driveways
  • Drainage- Driveway drains, swales, French drains, and “V” Ditches
  • Outdoor Lighting- LED lighting and/or halogen lighting
  • Custom Decks and Fences
  • Gazebos, arbors and patios
  • Green Roofs- New Service



We create hardscapes and are able to build any number of garden features. Our team’s level of expertise extends from metalwork, masonry and mosaics to irrigation, electrical work and carpentry, following a proud tradition of California artisans.

Full service landscape contracting company



Regular maintenance is essential for sustaining a healthy garden or commercial space. Our year-round maintenance plan keeps your estate, home or commercial property looking beautiful and functioning optimally. We have a long list of private and commercial properties that we maintain each year on an ongoing basis. Reilly Designs creates a custom maintenance plan that fits with your budget and needs. Services may include:

  • Weed Control -limiting weed growth through regular maintenance
  • Irrigation System – maintaining and repairing
  • Water care – managing a regular water schedule
  • Lawn care – fertilization and re-vegetation for optimal growth
  • Trimming, pruning and/or removal of trees and shrubs
  • Masonry repair of the pointing, the external part of mortar


Whether your property requires sensitive planting, needs to be updated or requires special irrigation, we offer a complete service package that includes maintenance and long-term attention.