About Us

Expertise That Exceeds The Limits

Our Approach 

is to design our gardens to satisfy and delight the senses. Instead of following a blueprint, we use an intuitive approach, whereby our design process draws upon gardens we've walked through and experienced. With your consent, we prefer to use a free-form approach to creating your garden. This is not to say our design process lacks method or attention to detail, but rather that it is artistic and instinctive.

Our aim

is to find the structure of the garden, not unlike the way a sculptor finds the form within the stone.

Our Team

is made up of a number of skilled and knowledgeable landscapers. We take pride in and stand by our work, placing our attention on our clients and their satisfaction. Many have come to appreciate the consistency and reliability of the Reilly team. Keeping an eye on our highest priority—serving our clients—is not only our aim, it is our pleasure.