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Expertise That Exceeds The Limits

Our Approach 

is to design our gardens to satisfy and delight the senses. Instead of following a blueprint, we use an intuitive approach, whereby our design process draws upon gardens we’ve walked through and experienced. With your consent, we prefer to use a free-form approach to creating your garden. This is not to say our design process lacks method or attention to detail, but rather that it is artistic and instinctive.

Our aim

is to find the structure of the garden, not unlike the way a sculptor finds the form within the stone.

Our Team

is made up of a number of skilled and knowledgeable landscapers. We take pride in and stand by our work, placing our attention on our clients and their satisfaction. Many have come to appreciate the consistency and reliability of the Reilly team. Keeping an eye on our highest priority—serving our clients—is not only our aim, it is our pleasure.


Scott Reilly

Landscape Designer


With more than 20 years experience

in private and public estates, Scott Reilly has managed and maintained properties from Sausalito to Sonoma. Previously attending the gardens of Tudor Place in Washington, DC—a property whose flora contains actual cuttings from George Washington’s 200-year-old Mount Vernon estate, Scott has continued to grow his reputation as a world-class landscaper up and down the North Bay. While acting as head gardener at the Thom Weisel Estate, Scott’s designs and innovative plantings drew attention and became coveted by his future clients. Having cultivated a strong following, Scott founded Reilly Designs, which has grown steadily, thanks to many satisfied clients and a dedicated and talented team.


Sylwia P.

Architect Coordinator



Merri J.

Office Manager



Manuel G.

Construction Lead


Jorge N.

Senior Crew Leader


has been with Reilly design for 9 years. He has an extensive maintenance experience and knowledge of many styles of gardens. Jorge is trained and has a practiced skill in pruning ornamental trees and roses.


Marcos D.

Senior Crew Leader


Marcos has been with Reilly Designs since 2006. Marcos, has 15 years experience in residential Garden Maintenance. Excellent, pruning and customer service skills. In addition, Marcos is bilingual in Spanish and English.


Emilio C.

Irrigation Tech


  • There are a lot of landscape designers out there, but what sets Scott apart is he looks for a certain harmony in everything that he does. There’s a spareness and sense of proportion to his gardens, a balance and rhythm that feels like poetry. He’s more than a plant placer. His sensitivity and gentleness allow the natural essence of a garden to emerge. No matter how small the space, Scott’s gardens create a transition from the outside world to the personal realm, a safe haven where his clients can feel calm and serene.

    – K. Hahn, client
  • It’s spectacular. It’s magical. He transformed it incredibly. Before, we had a pretty sweet garden from May to October; but the rest of the year, it was a moonscape. Now, people go out in the garden in January, and it’s beautiful. This is the first time we’ve had a garden 24/7.

    – Paulette Ryan, client
  • This house had been appraised before, and they’d put, ‘no yard.’ After that (the garden installation), it became a highlight: ‘magnificent garden.’ So, it went from nothing, to a plus. —

    – Charlie Hamilton, client
  • Two things: first of all, he’s very approachable and easy to work with, just a pleasure. And he shows up with the the perfect plant for that spot; and it’s unique. So, there’s a trust factor there. I leave it to him, his creative whims; and to me, that’s fun.

    – Jeff Katz, client
  • It’s always been kind of a showpiece. They (customers) go right over, and are always saying, ‘we didn’t even know this was here.’ There are a couple plants that always get their attention. —

    – Charlie Hamilton, Paradise Bay


  • Let’s say there’re guests coming in. We’ve got one week to make this place look fantastic…and he turns this place into a paradise in a matter of days… He’s so easy; there isn’t any uphill. — Judith Stern, estate caretaker

    – Judith Stern, estate caretaker
  • Scott’s very good and very methodical. He’s also nice to his workers, and that’s important to me. I gave him carte blanche with the property. That’s the only way I like to work with people. But you have to trust someone to do that.

    – Joyce
  • Number one, I like him as an individual; I think he’s honest and forthright. Responsible. Responsive. He shows up when he says he will, and he’s very knowlegable.

     Bruce Potter, client
  • I wanted someone who could give me something I wanted–which was grotesquely, smelly flowers…I’m in love with it; it’s so female.

     Larry Zaroff, M.D.
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A Reilly Designs garden was a one of the garden locations on the 2010 Eco Garden Tour. Reilly’s garden qualified as an Eco-Friendly design. “Eco-friendly (or Bay-Friendly”) includes a wide range of techniques and practices designed to keep our creeks and the Bay healthy. These include such things as: creating permeable surfaces, installing rain gardens, controlling erosion, utilizing mulch and compost, planting natives, conserving water, creating wildlife habitat, maintaining gardens without toxic pesticides, etc.”